SAWS AND SCRAPS CONSULTING was created out of a love for two things that I’ve been passionate about for decades–building and people. My name is Brandon Pruner. Welcome!

Over the last 20 years, I’ve done an array of construction projects ranging from anything as big as building a house to as small as a backyard deck project. From being on both ends of the spectrum, it only took me a few years in the beginning to realize which type of building I loved more and why…..the slightly smaller projects FOR SURE! The ones that allowed me to deal directly with the homeowner instead of the big permit jobs where I was having to deal more with the city and/or county.

I fell in love with the customer service aspect of building. I loved getting the opportunity to build a relationship with the homeowner while also getting to bring to life the project they desired.

As you can imagine, this line of work can be physically demanding and after almost two decades of doing it for a living, my body decided it didn’t wanna keep up anymore. After several years of building and active duty service in the United States Army, as well as multiple surgeries, my wife and I thought it best if I scale back on this type of work to preserve my overall quality of life.

This consulting business is my way of remaining in the carpentry world while still getting the chance to interact with people on a daily basis. I look forward to guiding you on whatever your project needs are.

Thank you so much for visiting SAWS AND SCRAPS CONSULTING!